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The Forgotten XI – A Women’s Soccer History – Bella Ciao! Sexism and Fascism In Italian Football by Chris Mcglynn

This week, in a clear win for women in sports, a landmark decision was reached. Women who play soccer for the United States will now earn the same amount as men in a landmark equal pay win. In honor of this momentous moment, we are sharing a podcast from The Mediacasters community – The Forgotten XI. This show, hosted by Chris Mcglynn, a gentleman, soccer-lover and ally to women everywhere. He was perturbed by the fact that the men’s team gets so much more attention and money than the women’s team, even though the women’s team was knocking it out of the park, winning world cup after world cup. He was inspired to start this podcast to unveil the often ignored and forgotten history of The Women’s Game of Soccer / Football. We love it and know you will too!

The Forgotten XI – Show Description: Women have been playing football for 150 years. It’s always been political. Rapinoe is not the first to cause controversy. We go back to the beginning to tell the stories of the players and teams that made history. We explore everything we can find from the first female pro teams to the forgotten World Cups.

The Forgotten XI – Episode #8: Bella Ciao! (originally published in December 2019 and shared with permission):

In 1932, a group of high school girls play a soccer match in Italy. But this is Mussolini’s Italy. These young women are challenging not just sexism, but fascism. In so doing, they set off a series of remarkable events which will forever change Italy and women’s football around the world.

Many thanks to Marco Giani for all his research on GFC Milan, follow him on twitter @calciatrici1933

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