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 Stay On Course – Ingredients For Success with Julie Riga, featuring James Orsini, key collaborator of Gary Vaynerchuk

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Stay On Course and learn to lead your life. Do you know your purpose in life? Are you guided by a foundation that is rooted in self-awareness?

Join host Julie Riga, best selling-author and ICF leadership coach as she explores different topics in leadership, personal development, and faith. Julie Riga is the daughter of renowned chef to the stars, Ennio Riga. Ennio Riga razzle dazzled the kings and queens of Hollywood, like Frank Sinatra, Liberace, and Joan Rivers with his scrumptious Italian-inspired cuisine. This is a podcast about abundance and faith. Julie was never supposed to be a best-selling author. Julie was never supposed to have an MBA. Julie, at a young age, was met with physical and emotional challenges that should have suppressed her from reaching her potential. In every episode, you will know that you are not alone in the challenges you face. This is the key ingredient to success: Stay On Course.

Episode Notes:

On today’s Stay on Course episode, I speak to James Orsini the President of The Sasha Group a VaynerX company. Working alongside serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, Orsini leads the group to help businesses reach explosive growth potential. The Sasha Group provides educational, consulting and marketing services to help ambitious leaders build strong brands to flex with the times.

In today’s ever changing business world it is more important to get content out to reach your customers then spend countless hours perfecting it.

The ingredients for success James and I are talking about today are Fail Fast, Fix Fast and Learn Fast as it relates to marketing your business.

  • Fail Fast: Speed is the differentiating factor just get your content out.
  • Fix Fast: Tweak, get it out again, and resist analysis paralysis.
  • Learn Fast: Apply what you learned and then lean into what is working.

In this episode, you will hear pure wisdom as we learn about how the Sasha group sticks a needle in the eye of perfection. You do not want to miss this episode.

More about James Orsini and how to connect with him:

Orsini held previous positions as Chief Operating Officer as well as Chief Integration Officer for VaynerMedia a digital agency with social at its core. James helped manage the agency for success. He was Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors of Sito Mobile Ltd., (NASDAQ: SITO) A proven leader and author of numerous business articles including Agency of the Future, and Let Leaders Lead and Practitioners Practice. Mr. Orsini has also penned white papers The Authentic Network, Reverse 360 Mentoring, Mastering Procurement and Procurements Evolution for Today’s Marketing Service Companies. He has appeared on more than 50 podcasts including Second in Command with Cameron Herold and Self-made man with Mike Dillard. James has more than 35 years of finance and operations experience across a broad range of marketing and communications disciplines.

For more information on the Sasha Group:




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