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From Stress To Success with Deborah Gilboa, MD (AKA Dr. G of The Doctors)

If you’ve ever wondered how to turn your stress from its negative, fear-mongering monster into something more productive that can actually help you succeed, then this episode is for you. With Dr. G in the interview seat, Jules & Corinna ask questions about how we manage through change, the power of empathy, why choice and setting boundaries are critical to success, and even what it takes to prepare for big PR moments on stage or on TV. You’ll hear how Dr. G does it all, even as a single mom of 4 boys, medical doctor, and media personality.

About Deborah Gilboa, MD
Popularly known as “Dr. G”, Deborah Gilboa, MD is a practicing physician, resilience expert, on-camera personality, author and parent. Considered a go-to media expert on creating resilience in your community, your team, even your own family, Dr G travels the world speaking at conferences, businesses and universities. She is a regular contributor on The Doctors, The TODAY Show, Good Morning America, Today Show, The Rachael Ray Show, and Pittsburgh Today Live. Dr. G is quoted regularly in online and print publications including, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Real Simple, and the Wall Street Journal. Author of “Teach Resilience” (and three other titles), Dr. G has the strategies to recruit, retain and rewire employees for resilience.

Time Stamps:

00:00 Introductions

03:30 Tackling change and stress with choice and resilience

06:35 The power of empathy

08:30 On setting boundaries and priorities

10:00 Preparing for big PR moments in media

12:45 Guesting vs. Hosting

14:00 Turning the tables: Why femcasters?

15:15 Sexism in broadcasting and the medical profession

17:00 The power of humor, humility, and modesty (especially when in a position of power)

18:45 Two tips from Dr. G (on reaching your audience, accountability and prioritization)

21:00 Where to find Dr. G

Website: Social: @askdrg

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  • Corinna Bellizzi

    Corinna Bellizzi, MBA is a natural products industry executive, mom of two young boys, and podcaster who began her broadcasting journey as a guest on many nationally syndicated radio shows. In her role as an executive, she is a pioneer of new nutrition categories, and an experienced media spokesperson. With a background in technical directing, ethnographic research, and storytelling, she launched her first podcast: Care More Be Better, in January 2021. It ranks in the top 2.5% of all podcasts globally.* Corinna is 1/2 of the dynamic due that is The Femcasters Podcast and Network alongside Julie Lokun. *As reported by Listennotes.

  • Julie Lokun

    Julie Lokun, JD serves as the head maven of Crown & Compass Life Coaching where she “anoints and points” the trajectory of her clients — directing their strategic growth – while also running a household of 4 boys. She has delivered presentations on the big stage, and in virtual events. With a background in law, she teases through complex information — telling deep, compelling stories. She co-hosts and leads a swiftly growing podcast, Obsessed with Humans On The Verge of Change, with multiple episodes out each week. It launched in spring of 2021 and is already in the top 3% of all podcasts globally.* Julie is 1/2 of the dynamic duo that is the Femcasters podcast and network along with Corinna Bellizzi. *As reported by Listennotes.

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