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DEI Feature: Introducing Sedruola Maruska’s Diversity Dish with Dr. Tiffany M. Jenkins – Self-Care, Black Women, Therapy, etc.

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On this week’s Podtease we continue our deep dive into mental health while featuring the intersectionality of what it means to be a Black woman in the mental health space. Meet Sedruola Maruska and her award-winning podcast, Diversity Dish, as she connects with Dr. Tiffany M. Jenkins to discuss the importance of boundaries, self-care, therapy — and how living as a Black woman often means you put yourself last. Sedie bills this as a “must listen” for Black women everywhere (and for those who love them and those that work with them).

Diversity Dish Episode Notes:

This is a DO NOT MISS episode for Black women, those who love them and those who work with them! Dr. J and Sedie really get into some of the reasons we, Black women specifically, suffer from a lack of self care and what we need to do to change that. We talk about why more Black and brown therapists are needed and how to find the affordability.

Listening to this conversation you’ll truly feel like a fly on the wall of a private, important and enlightening conversation.


Dr. Tiffany M. Jenkins is New Jersey-based licensed professional counselor with over 20 years of experience in the behavioral health field. Dr. J owns and operates Awakening Change LLC where she helps her clients to develop and implement self-care strategies to reduce stress and avoid burnout. She is a sought after public speaker and workshop facilitator, author, and experienced clinical supervisor. When not in the public spotlight, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons.


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  • Sedruola Maruska

    Diversity Dish is an award winning podcast about bridging the gap. We're talking diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice with real people with real stories. Diversity Dish comes with different formats: - Dishing alone - where I'll be sharing my thoughts on relevant happenings in the news as they relate to diversity, equity and inclusion. - Dishing with friends - where guest will come on and talk about their real life situations and their suggested solutions to the problems in the workplace or their industry. - Dishing a-la-carte where anything goes. I'll answer your questions, have group discussions, share insights. . . It's a buffet!

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