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Into The Mind Of Gary Vaynerchuk – LIVE at VeeCon with Gary Vee and Julie Lokun

In this episode, we dive into an exhilarating experience at VeeCon, followed by an exclusive interview with the renowned entrepreneur and marketing guru, Gary Vaynerchuk. Join us as we share our insights and highlights from this incredible event. VeeCon Recap An overview of VeeCon, a premier conference for entrepreneurs and business professionals. Discussing the diverse […]

Mediacasters Minisode: The One About VeeCon and Connections

Get our networking tips below: Attending conferences like VeeCon offers incredible opportunities for personal and professional growth. Beyond gaining knowledge and insights, these events provide an ideal platform to establish positive connections with like-minded individuals. In this article, we explore the importance of creating meaningful relationships at conferences like VeeCon and share practical tips to […]

My Favorite Free Tools To Help You Grow Your Business With Julie Lokun

If you’re looking for free tools to enhance your podcasting, publishing, or presenting skills, there are many excellent options available on the internet. Some of the best tools include Audacity, Anchor, and Zencastr for podcasting, Canva, Grammarly, and Google Docs for publishing, and Prezi, SlideShare, and Loom for presenting. These free tools can help you […]

Be Like Prince Harry: Share Your Story and Build Your Business

Welcome to the show where we talk about everything that can help you propel your business to a new stratosphere. Julie Lokun talks all things story telling and how you should use your story to make an impact and money. In this episode, we will discuss the power of storytelling in business and how it […]

Bonus: Why Podcast? Be an Audiocaster with Julie Lokun

What is podcasting and why should you start a podcast? Julie Lokun reads an excerpt from her best-selling book Audiocasters-available on Amazon. Join Our Community And Create A Buzz For Your Business Get Our Favorite Microphone Here: The Shure MV7⬇ Why We LOVE The Shure MV7: Shure’s SM7B mic is a long-time favorite among […]

How To Create A Podcast That is Bingeworthy with Julie Lokun and Julie Riga

In this episode of the Media Casters podcast, Julie Riga and Julie Lokun discuss binge-worthy podcasts. They start by talking about what makes a podcast binge-worthy, with Julie Riga suggesting that such podcasts are different and can hold the attention of the listener for more than 2.5 seconds. They agree that there are many podcasts […]

How To Speak Like A TEDx Pro and Get On Stages

How can you get on TEDx stages? How can you start speaking and making money? Join TEDx expert Julie Riga today as we talk all things TEDx! Welcome to The Mediacasters podcast, where we talk about all things media and communication. I’m Julie Lokun, and I’m joined today by my co-host, Julie Riga. In this […]

Network Like A Rockstar and Grow Your Business Organically with Julie Lokun

The art of networking is something that is curated over time. Join Jules as she discusses her favorite ways to network like a rockstar. Julie discusses the importance of networking in building relationships and increasing the visibility of a brand. She emphasizes that networking is not just about meeting people and getting something out of […]

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