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Building Better Websites For Podcasters with Brenden Mulligan, CEO of Podpage

Powered by Podetize In this interview Corinna & Jules dig into what makes a great podcast website and why a unique platform – Podpage – is such an incredible tool for budding podcasters. They introduce you to Brenden Mulligan, CEO and founder of Podpage — a pioneer and technical guru from the Silicon Valley who […]

Authentic Storytelling: How To Be A Badass Brand Builder with Adam Sinkus

This week, join Corinna & Jules as they connect with a B2B podcasting badass, Adam Sinkus of The Winning Tactics. They discuss how finding your authentic voice, practicing it, and varying your story with your audience in mind can keep your story fresh, engage your audience, and create an authentic story that will resonate with […]

5 Marketing Trends In 2022

Get my tips and see the list of preferred tools I use every day to build brand awareness! by Julie Lokun Truth be told I love the creative art of marketing. I love getting into the minds of potential consumers and attempt to predict their behaviors. I adore creating contextual experiences through visual and auditory […]

The Butterfly Effect + The Power Of One Voice

The Butterfly Effect has a quiet power. It’s an idea that was first proposed by Stanford University professors Edward O Thorndike and Amos Tversky in the 1930s to describe how …

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