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Own Your Voice and Grow Your Podcast with Liza Miller, Host of Motorcycles & Misfits

Watch the Podcast on YouTube and see inside Liza’s Studio! Get to know the genius behind the successful podcast, Motorcycles & Misfits. Liza Miller started this podcast back in 2013 in the co-op motorcycle garage she runs in Santa Cruz, California, the Re-Cycle Garage. What started as a passionate conversation with a few misfits after […]

How To Record Great Videocasts & Visual Podcasts with Tom Langan, Emmy-Nominated Director of Photography & Producer

Meet the two-time Emmy-Award nominated photographer, producer, and livestreaming afficionado, Tom Langan. Tom may have the nicest equipment of any podcaster that Corinna & Jules have yet interviewed, and he’ll tell you all about what makes his gear stand out during our interview. For a deeper dive into the technology, and to see his video setup — you’ll want to tune in to this full-length, unedited interview on YouTube. The audio-only version is roughly 1/2 the length, given that no visuals are included and some of this interview would have been difficult to grasp in the audio-only version. As a whole, the YouTube interview trended very technical — so if you’re an A/V nerd, trust us, and head over to YouTube!

Podcasting Pros and Insiders Tips ft. Tracy Hazzard of The Binge Factor Podcast

Jules and Corinna just returned from Podfest Expo in Orlando and are energized with all the amazing tips, conversations, and relationships that this prolific podcasting community provides. #podfestexpo Riding this wave of excitement The Mediacaster duo wanted to share one of their favorite conversations Corinna had with Tracy Hazzard of Brandcasters. Tracy is a podcast […]

Building Better Websites For Podcasters with Brenden Mulligan, CEO of Podpage

Powered by Podetize In this interview Corinna & Jules dig into what makes a great podcast website and why a unique platform – Podpage – is such an incredible tool for budding podcasters. They introduce you to Brenden Mulligan, CEO and founder of Podpage — a pioneer and technical guru from the Silicon Valley who […]

Find Your “Full Body Yes” And Be A Trailblazer with Dr. Laura Berman

In this interview Corinna & Jules connect with Dr. Laura Berman and discover that by following breadcrumbs of joy, and listening to your body you too can tap into your power, discover your Full Body Yes — and become the Trailblazer you aspire to be. Dr. Laura has graced stages, microphones and television for over […]

Podcasting, Mental Health, And Rising Up With Chicken & Dragon Doornick

Meet podcasting legends, life partners, and transformation coaching team Mieke and JC Doornick (a.k.a Chicken and Dragon) as we discuss getting started podcasting with very basic tools, no professional skills, and a desire to have your voice heard. Mieke (Chicken) provides commentary on the power of podcasting to connect with niche audiences, and how perfectionism […]

5 Free Tools To Market & Build Your Business (The Femcaster Freebies, Part 3)

Julie Lokun in front of hanging bras on a line and the Femcasters logo

5 Free Tools to Market And Build Your Business They say, “The Best Things In Life Are Free”  You know your Femcasters Love Freebies. Here are 5 tips on how to elevate your brand (and your podcast) for FREE! If you like free tools and resources to enhance your business, please reach out to Femcasters […]

Authentic Storytelling: How To Be A Badass Brand Builder with Adam Sinkus

This week, join Corinna & Jules as they connect with a B2B podcasting badass, Adam Sinkus of The Winning Tactics. They discuss how finding your authentic voice, practicing it, and varying your story with your audience in mind can keep your story fresh, engage your audience, and create an authentic story that will resonate with […]

5 Freebies In 5 Minutes, Part 2

Julie Lokun in front of hanging bras on a line and the Femcasters logo

Join Julie Lokun as she shares her favorite freebies of the week. These are go-to freebies that support your personal and professional development — and your podcasting or broadcasting journey. Time Stamps: 00:00 Introduction01:00, matching you with a mentor (for free!)01:53, matching you with podcasts so you can have a rich guesting experience02:35 […]

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