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TRUE CRIME: Never Give Up! With the Star of HOMICIDE HUNTER, Lieutenant Joe Kenda

Watch the episode: Listen to the episode: ID PRESENTS THREE THEATRICAL-LENGTH “HOMICIDE HUNTER” SPECIALS STARRING LT. JOE KENDA  – HOMICIDE HUNTER: NEVER GIVE UP Premieres on ID on August 17 from 9-11PM ET/PT and is Available to Stream Same Day on discovery+  –   This week, Corinna & Jules have the incredible opportunity to sit down with LT. Joe Kenda, […]

Avoid Scammers and Publish Like a Pro with Eric Reid, Skinny Brown Dog Media

Meet the founder of one of our favorite publishing houses, Eric Reid. Eric is the co-founder of Skinny Brown Dog Media, a company that strategically supports the publishing journey of coaches and business leaders. Eric is a writer, publisher, editor, marketing geek, business strategist and personal branding expert. He helps his clients avoid scammers, while […]

Podtease: Goddesses Gather Here – Car Talk with Julie Jacobs

Powered by Podetize Goddesses Gather Here: Episode #1 – Car Talk, hosted by Julie Jacobs Guys, it’s my first episode! Get my very own Goddess Origin Story straight to your earballs. Are you a goddess? Or are you a goddess in training? And what the heck is a goddess? Join Julie Jacobs, your new favorite […]

Own Your Voice and Grow Your Podcast with Liza Miller, Host of Motorcycles & Misfits

Watch the Podcast on YouTube and see inside Liza’s Studio! Get to know the genius behind the successful podcast, Motorcycles & Misfits. Liza Miller started this podcast back in 2013 in the co-op motorcycle garage she runs in Santa Cruz, California, the Re-Cycle Garage. What started as a passionate conversation with a few misfits after […]

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