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3 Ways To Be a Maverick In Media By Building An Authentic Brand

Photo by Todd Diemer on Unsplash. Guess what movie I just saw this weekend?  Hint: Maverick (Top Gun) with Tom Cruise. I walked into the theater with full-on buttered popcorn and no expectations. The exhilarating story of a cutting-edge fighter pilot took me on a ride where I felt that I was the co-pilot. Maverick […]

Build Your “IT” Factor with Dominick Domasky, Founder Motivation Champs

Kick it with Corinna and Jules, as they interview Dominick Domasky, founder of Motivation Champs, who founded a company that supports thought leaders in publishing, screenwriting, social media, and even in-person events. You’ll hear their perspectives on how much time it can take to bring your idea to fruition, and how sometimes, a 28 day […]

Podcasting, Mental Health, And Rising Up With Chicken & Dragon Doornick

Meet podcasting legends, life partners, and transformation coaching team Mieke and JC Doornick (a.k.a Chicken and Dragon) as we discuss getting started podcasting with very basic tools, no professional skills, and a desire to have your voice heard. Mieke (Chicken) provides commentary on the power of podcasting to connect with niche audiences, and how perfectionism […]

Authentic Storytelling: How To Be A Badass Brand Builder with Adam Sinkus

This week, join Corinna & Jules as they connect with a B2B podcasting badass, Adam Sinkus of The Winning Tactics. They discuss how finding your authentic voice, practicing it, and varying your story with your audience in mind can keep your story fresh, engage your audience, and create an authentic story that will resonate with […]

The Power Of Defining Values and Being Vulnerable In Storytelling

In this episode, we will hear from Corinna Bellizzi about how she overcame her challenges and obstacles. She shares the lessons that helped guide her through life’s journey while inspiring others to do what m helped guide her through life while working to inspire others to do what makes them happy – regardless of their […]

5 Marketing Trends In 2022

Get my tips and see the list of preferred tools I use every day to build brand awareness! by Julie Lokun Truth be told I love the creative art of marketing. I love getting into the minds of potential consumers and attempt to predict their behaviors. I adore creating contextual experiences through visual and auditory […]

Overcome Your Fear of Speaking

Join Corinna & Jules as they discuss overcoming your fear of speaking. Learn how tools like Clubhouse and Wisdom applications (or other social audio) can help. You’ll hear how they each conquered their fear of speaking by keeping the message in focus,

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