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How To Grow Your Exposure, Scale & Thrive with Rhiannon Menn, CEO and Founder, Lasagna Love

Building a movement takes organization, inspiration, intuition, luck, and a lot of hard work. Rhiannon Menn is the founder and CEO of Lasagna Love, a grass-roots not-for-profit organization that engages and supports communities across the United States, and which has launched a viral movement during the Covid-19 pandemic. She joins Corinna & Jules to talk […]

Harness The Power of A Super-Niche Podcast Now

Bailey Bouwman standing in front of the Femcasters logo with cloth diapers hanging on a line behind her

Have you been wondering if the topic of your show is too narrow, too small, or too niche? Podcasts with incredibly narrow topics often thrive. These “super niche” shows activate a community and compel real engagement in a way that podcasts with a broad…

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