3 Ways To Be a Maverick In Media By Building An Authentic Brand

Photo by Todd Diemer on Unsplash. Guess what movie I just saw this weekend?  Hint: Maverick (Top Gun) with Tom Cruise. I walked into the theater with full-on buttered popcorn and no expectations. The exhilarating story of a cutting-edge fighter pilot took me on a ride where I felt that I was the co-pilot. Maverick […]

Podcasting Pros and Insiders Tips ft. Tracy Hazzard of The Binge Factor Podcast

Jules and Corinna just returned from Podfest Expo in Orlando and are energized with all the amazing tips, conversations, and relationships that this prolific podcasting community provides. #podfestexpo Riding this wave of excitement The Mediacaster duo wanted to share one of their favorite conversations Corinna had with Tracy Hazzard of Brandcasters. Tracy is a podcast […]

How To Grow Your Exposure, Scale & Thrive with Rhiannon Menn, CEO and Founder, Lasagna Love

Building a movement takes organization, inspiration, intuition, luck, and a lot of hard work. Rhiannon Menn is the founder and CEO of Lasagna Love, a grass-roots not-for-profit organization that engages and supports communities across the United States, and which has launched a viral movement during the Covid-19 pandemic. She joins Corinna & Jules to talk […]

Introducing Podtease – Discover Your Next Favorite Independent Podcasts!

Powered by Podetize Podtease is a show that’s laser focused on presenting the best independent podcasts from all genres – so you can discover your next favorite shows. We share the best of the best with a brief intro that shares why we love the show so very much, followed by the featured show’s episode […]

Podcast Like A Pro with Tracy Hazzard, CEO and Co-Founder of PODETIZE

Do you want to level-up your game in podcasting? Are you interested in starting a podcast? If so, this episode is for you. Corinna & Jules introduce you to Tracy Hazzard, CEO & Co-founder of Podetize. They talk about establishing thought leadership, what’s working in podcasting, and how you can monetize your efforts in podcasting. […]