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Authentic Storytelling: How To Be A Badass Brand Builder with Adam Sinkus

This week, join Corinna & Jules as they connect with a B2B podcasting badass, Adam Sinkus of The Winning Tactics. They discuss how finding your authentic voice, practicing it, and varying your story with your audience in mind can keep your story fresh, engage your audience, and create an authentic story that will resonate with your audience, no matter the method you use to get it out into the world.

About Our Guest, Adam Sinkus:

Adam brings his over 10 years of business and marketing skills to build engaging conversations about the many advantages of building an authentic brand through podcasting. He brings his passion for marketing and messaging front and center helping businesses reach their audience with genuine messaging that converts.

Guest’s Website:

Connect with Adam Sinkus:

Time Stamps:

00:00 Introduction

03:50 Monetizing your podcast – mirroring your business purpose with your podcast

04:40 Selecting guests based on your goals

05:20 The “F” word that Jules hates

07:10 What makes your voice unique

08:30 What is Adam’s personal brand?

11:34 Why aren’t there more women on the production side of podcasts?

15:30 The importance of story and authenticity, empowering one’s true talents

18:40 Finding your inspiration and bringing your authentic voice forward (finding your why, practice your story, connecting with your audience. Layer it together / tell differently and keep it fresh)

24:42 Brene Brown and the importance of being vulnerable

26:20 The secret to conducting great interviews with your guests

27:53 Adam’s favorite podcasts – and his commitment to learning by listening

30:15 Corinna’s commitment to listen to Femcaster community member podcasts – and what she’s learned from listening to them – including Bailey Bouwman’s Cloth Diaper Podcast

31:43 Irina Hehovsov’s Single Parent Success Stories podcast and how her storytelling method kept Adam glued to it for 3 episodes, even though it isn’t typical of the shows he likes

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  • Corinna Bellizzi

    Corinna Bellizzi, MBA is a natural products industry executive, mom of two young boys, and podcaster who began her broadcasting journey as a guest on many nationally syndicated radio shows. In her role as an executive, she is a pioneer of new nutrition categories, and an experienced media spokesperson. With a background in technical directing, ethnographic research, and storytelling, she launched her first podcast: Care More Be Better, in January 2021. It ranks in the top 2.5% of all podcasts globally.* Corinna is 1/2 of the dynamic due that is The Femcasters Podcast and Network alongside Julie Lokun. *As reported by Listennotes.

  • Julie Lokun

    Julie Lokun, JD serves as the head maven of Crown & Compass Life Coaching where she “anoints and points” the trajectory of her clients — directing their strategic growth – while also running a household of 4 boys. She has delivered presentations on the big stage, and in virtual events. With a background in law, she teases through complex information — telling deep, compelling stories. She co-hosts and leads a swiftly growing podcast, Obsessed with Humans On The Verge of Change, with multiple episodes out each week. It launched in spring of 2021 and is already in the top 3% of all podcasts globally.* Julie is 1/2 of the dynamic duo that is the Femcasters podcast and network along with Corinna Bellizzi. *As reported by Listennotes.

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